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“Do you start to have thoughts shooting off in rapid fire or do the same thoughts keep swirling through your head? Take several deep, slow breaths and wait until you’ve calmed down to rejoin the conversation, she said.2. “When you are listening with genuine attention you are taking action to understand your partner,” said Goldstein, creator of Bethe Smart Wife.com, which explores the trials and tribulations of marriage. May (partner’s name) be protected from harm, and free from fear. Sigal also stressed the importance of practicing self-compassion, which is “treating ourselves with kindness, care and understanding.”Practice this by noticing and acknowledging when you’re having a difficult time — without minimizing or catastrophizing your experience, she said. It’s helpful, Sigal said, to have a list of healthy strategies you can turn to.This also means not focusing on your own response or formulating a way to defend yourself, while they’re talking, she said.3. Loving-kindness is the foundation for mindfulness practice, Sigal said. Remind yourself, too, that struggle and imperfection are part of being human, she said.

You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

Empathy is known to increase prosocial (helping) behaviors.

While American culture might be socializing people into becoming more individualistic rather than empathic, research has uncovered the existence of "mirror neurons," which react to emotions expressed by others and then reproduce them.

“Empathy is truly the heart of the relationship,” said Carin Goldstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist.“Without it, the relationship will struggle to survive.” That’s because empathy requires compassion.

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And, without compassion, couples can’t develop a bond.“[A] bond is like glue: If there is no glue then everything falls apart.”Psychotherapist Cindy Sigal, AMFT, also stressed the importance of empathy for relationships: “Empathy bridges the divide between being separate individuals with different backgrounds, feelings and perspectives.”She cited John Welwood’s definition of love in his book Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: “a potent blend of openness and warmth, which allows us to make real contact, to take delight in and appreciate, to be at one with ourselves, others, and life itself.”According to Sigal, without empathy, we can’t make this real contact.When we go after a dream because it speaks to our hearts, trust us. For a non-empathetic person I understand this is putting a lot of “blind faith” in someone but trust me, trusting the Empath in you life will show her that you believe in what she’s saying.

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